Major usability upgrade taking shape

I am a sucker for exceptional usability,
and am dismayed at what us GPs have to put up with when
it comes to the computer systems we use. I’m not going to
name anything here, but we all know who and what I am 
talking about. For example: In the year 2012, why are 
we being forced to fill in tick boxes, type in small text areas,
wade through layers of menus, and press the ‘SAVE’ button at every
10 minute interval or risk losing our data? 
Unfortunately, it comes down to the question of whether public funding
hampers innovation and development?
I’ll ask you a question, name one successful internet company that was
funded by the government? Answers on a nano sized postcard please.

I’ve got an idea in my head and you all are going to love it – stay tuned!