Bookmarklet feature updated

The hugely popular GPTools Diary bookmarklet feature has been upgraded.
After installing the bookmarklet, whenever you are on a web page that you think will contribute to your learning and development, simply click on the GPTools diary bookmark to save the page into your GPTools database. You will have an option to anonymously share the page with other GPTools users, if you think it has valid learning points. Once saved in GPTools you can then add learning notes as well as the time you have spent on the topic. This will contribute to your CPD learning hours. You can then add the article to your appraisal, and the details of the article along with your learning notes will be accessible by your Appraiser. In this way you can build up a lifelong record of all your internet based reading and learning in one place.
This is just one of the many ways GPTools can help you prepare for your appraisal and revalidation.