Medical Appraisal Template

The dust has finally settled with regards to the Medical Appraisal Template 2022.

GP Tools is proud to announce that the form has been implemented in its entirety.

There are significant changes from the MAG form and we feel that it is a return to the halcyon days of appraisal when box ticking was yet to be discovered.

  • Appraisal now centers around a holistic approach to the Doctor’s experience in the previous 12 months.
  • Copious reflection notes are no longer recommeded.
  • Discrete CPD and QIA logging are completely optional.
  • Unless absolutely necessary attachments and documentary evidence are not required.
  • Greater emphasis on the Doctor’s personal wellbeing and health.
  • Cutting down the time spent on filling in forms and box ticking.
  • A simpler and easy to understand layout.
  • Overview of CPD and QIA activities.
  • No longer credits or time spent to be documented.

The NHS England Appraisal Team have done a great job in making the process easier for Doctor’s and hopefully Revalidation Officers and LAT’s around the country will follow suit.

Medical Appraisal Template 2022

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