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Appraisal discussion feedback enabled for all users

Complete and send appraisal feedback

After some great feedback by users we have now enabled appraisal feedback for everyone.

After you have completed your appraisal disucssion documentation you may complete and send feedback directly to your appraisal team.

Again, keeping in line with our mottto ‘as easy as email’ it only takes a few minutes to complete the feedback and helps the appraisal team understand and imporve the process.

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Happy new year to all our users

Happy new year

First of all a big happy new year to all our users. You have truly contributed with your suggestions and feedback to make GP Tools an incredible way to record appraisal information.

Congratulations to the thousands who have been revalidated using GP Tools in 2013.

We are also looking forward to welcoming Nurses to our sister site in 2014. The amount of requests we have had from the nursing community is simply phenomenal and we are working hard to design an ‘easy as email’ appraisal and revalidation system for them to use.

Stay tuned as we have a number of new partnerships and unique ideas we are sure you will love.

May you have a happy and prosperous new year 🙂

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iPhone app released

iPhone App now available

We are proud to announce that our new iPhone application is available to download on the iTunes store. We have taken great care to ensure that it fulfils our criteria of being as easy to use as email. Please let us know what you think of it.

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Happy new year 2013 to all our members

Wow ! What an amazing year GP Tools has had. We have grown our user base by over 300%(!), and have been accepted as the revalidation toolkit of choice by a number of PCOs up and down the country. In addition, we have implemented many new and innovative features that you will not find anywhere else. 
Frankly, if you are struggling with using the “old & outdated” toolkits you have no excuse not to start using GPTools. 
Stay tuned as we have a number of new partnerships and unique ideas we are sure you will love.

May you have a happy and prosperous new year 🙂

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GPTools is as Easy as Email

I just read an excellent post by 37signal’s Jason Fried, called
‘Competing on easy.’

To quote, ” I like to make things easier for people. I love competing on easy. I find easy to be the most personally rewarding, too. It has such direct impact. When something is easier, you feel it. You’ve done it the hard way before, so when you experience the easy way you immediately know the difference. Easy feels like a cold Coke on a hot day. It’s just so satisfying. The harder it’s been – the thirstier you are – the better it tastes, too. Another thing about easy – it’s personal. “Thank you” is often a response you hear when you make something easier for someone. Easier is appreciated.”

At GPTools we are proud to say we also ‘compete on easy’ and that is what drives us. Try us and you’ll realize how easy appraisal and revalidation can be.

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Appraisals at the speed of light

We are pleased to announce that our systems upgrade is complete. We have worked hard to provide you with the best user experience: GPTools is now faster than ever, and introduces even more features to make appraisal / revalidation as easy as possible.

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Huge update is coming

GPTools users will be pleased to hear that we are in the last stages of finalising a huge update. We have been listening to the community and will be implementing many new changes to make appraisal / revalidation as easy and painless as possible for our colleagues. As always, stay tuned…

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MSF aka Colleague Feedback upgrade

Seeing that the GMC Colleague Feedback form has been finalised….
Almost instantly we upgraded the inbuilt multi source feedback system:

  • Enter the email addresses of your colleagues in GPTools (under integrated feedback)
  • Colleagues are emailed a link where they can fill in the GMC form for you
  • Results are anonymised – there is no way of knowing who said what
  • Once you have more than two respondents you can view the ‘collated’ results
  • Download the results in PDF format or add them directly to your GPTools appraisal

Oh yes, did I mention how much it costs? Zero – it is an integral part of GPTools

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Bookmarklet feature updated

The hugely popular GPTools Diary bookmarklet feature has been upgraded.
After installing the bookmarklet, whenever you are on a web page that you think will contribute to your learning and development, simply click on the GPTools diary bookmark to save the page into your GPTools database. You will have an option to anonymously share the page with other GPTools users, if you think it has valid learning points. Once saved in GPTools you can then add learning notes as well as the time you have spent on the topic. This will contribute to your CPD learning hours. You can then add the article to your appraisal, and the details of the article along with your learning notes will be accessible by your Appraiser. In this way you can build up a lifelong record of all your internet based reading and learning in one place.
This is just one of the many ways GPTools can help you prepare for your appraisal and revalidation.

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