Revalidation forms are now live

The new revalidation forms are now online
We have worked hard to ensure that the whole process of revalidation has been laid out in an easy to understand way. There might be a few gremlins in the forms, so if you encounter any, please let us know. Still have a TO-DO list though, which we’ll be publishing on the main page.

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Revalidation update is on its way

First a warning: The following post might cause you insomnia depending on your affiliation
What if I told you that revalidation is actually easier than the appraisals we’ve had to endure?
This bloke must be joking I hear you say!
Well, Dear Colleagues (sound familiar?) it is.
Now how can that be possible?
Because revalidation will be evidence based, and much less of the subjective story writing and telling.
Plus guess what? GPTools will be there to make it as easy as pie.
When you finally get to see the new appraisal/revalidation forms that we’ve been working on
everything will be ‘clear’.
As always stay tuned…………

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Major usability upgrade taking shape

I am a sucker for exceptional usability,
and am dismayed at what us GPs have to put up with when
it comes to the computer systems we use. I’m not going to
name anything here, but we all know who and what I am 
talking about. For example: In the year 2012, why are 
we being forced to fill in tick boxes, type in small text areas,
wade through layers of menus, and press the ‘SAVE’ button at every
10 minute interval or risk losing our data? 
Unfortunately, it comes down to the question of whether public funding
hampers innovation and development?
I’ll ask you a question, name one successful internet company that was
funded by the government? Answers on a nano sized postcard please.

I’ve got an idea in my head and you all are going to love it – stay tuned!

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Getting ready for revalidation

We have some very cool improvements waiting in the pipeline:

  • You’ll be able to upload all your previous appraisals to GPTools
  • Your appraiser and RO (responsible officer) will have access to all your previous appraisals
  • You’ll be alble to annotate last year’s PDP as you complete your tasks
  • A roadmap for revalidation and GPTools v3.0 built on new technology


Stay tuned, its going to be an interesting few months

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